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Our Story

ROPO was incorporated in 2016, but was originally founded under a different name by one of the original Zalora Philippines Co-founders and Managing Director, Brian Cu, in 2012. In fact, the team is mostly comprised of the pioneer employees of Zalora Philippines. This gives us a distinct advantage of knowing what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to the local e-commerce scene, as well as the operational and process know how to run e-commerce operations efficiently.

The departure from Zalora was brought about in response to the feedback of many merchants who experienced the benefits of e-commerce and wanted their own site and operations, but lacked the knowledge, experience, or resource required to pull it of on their own. We wanted to be the solution to that problem, one agency who can offer everything you’ll need to run your entire online channel, whether your starting from scratch or already have an existing one in place, a mom-and-pop or a multinational. 

The initial foray of ROPO gave birth to the country’s largest mother & child e-commerce site. Initially a proof-of-concept development, it was built to show that we can practice what we preach. Eventually, it spun off as its own company, while still enjoying many of our services.

Shortly after, ROPO found itself in the service of many of the largest retail leaders in the country, from apparel, shoes, accessories, and even groceries, there was hardly a partner we couldn’t say no to. A big departure from the original intent of helping SME’s, but a welcome one at the time. 

In 2016, we partnered with the largest telecom in the country, Globe, as their official service integrator for Shopify, bringing ROPO back full circle to our original intent of being of service to SME’s across the country. 

Today, we continue to help businesses where they need it most, whether it’s acting as their entire e-commerce department, or stepping in to help in a select part of their online channel operations.

— our team —

Brian Cu

Chairman & Co-founder

Philippe Lorenzo

CEO & Co-founder

Joseph Ross Lee

Technical Advisor & Co-founder

Ray Palpallatoc

Systems Engineer & Co-founder

Jehzeel Laurente

Lead Developer & Co-founder

Haris Sevilla

Fulfillment - General Manager

— who we work with —

Our payment gateway provider of choice, Paynamics offers a comprehensive selection of payment methods as well as the best support we’ve experience from any gateway provider.

Another company started by the former lead digital marketer of Zalora Philippines, Spiralytics provides beautiful marketing services backed-up by data and science  

The largest broadband provider in the country is also our main partner in service of SME’s through Shopify. We act mainly as a service integrator, but offer our full-suite to everyone who wishes to avail of it as well.

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